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Living the dreamLife is too short to do something that you don't enjoy. Considering that we spend (at least) a third of our adult lives at at our workplace, consider how much more pleasant life would be if you actually wanted to be there. We've all met people who love what they do. Wouldn't you like to be one of them?

Over the years, I have tried many careers and vocations. I have learned a great deal, and tried my best at everything I do. Striving to excel in every endeavour is something I see as crucial to happiness. Knowing when you have found the thing you do best is equally important. Those things are education and diving for me.

Teaching diving is something I do because I love diving, and I love to share that with others. More than anything, I enjoy watching people develop as divers, and to see them progress through the stages of awareness that courses guide them through. Everyone starts out overwhelmed and just thrilled to be breathing underwater (Open Water divers). Eventually, they start to look around themselves and at different aspects of diving (Advanced, Master Scuba Diver and Specialties). For many people the next natural step is to start being aware of their own well-being and that of others (Rescue, First Aid, Oxygen).

As much as I love teaching recreational courses, it's the next step that is my favourite. Being part of the process and helping to guide a diver as he or she takes that giant stride into the world of professional diving. Whether they do it as a challenge, to let them work while travelling the world (an awesome thing to do!), or as a career change, being a part of that is incredibly rewarding.

Becoming a Divemaster or an Instructor, or working your way up the professional ladder is not something that should be undertaken lightly. Diving is fun. Working in diving is also fun (sometimes ridiculously so), but it also brings with it some great responsibilities. How you act, what you tell other divers, and your personal philosophy will have a big effect on people you guide or teach. It's important that you're a good ambassador and role model. While you'll have a blast during your professional courses, you'll also meet some very high standards.

Go ProThere's much more to becoming a dive pro than simply passing some exams. The more experience and knowledge you have in all aspects of the business, the better. With that in mind, we offer much more than a way for you to get those tickets. We know you'll love your IDC and you'll pass the Instructor Exam, but we'll also work with you as a professional to ensure that you get the most out of this great lifestyle.

Life is too short to do something that you don't enjoy. Teaching diving is one of the most rewarding, adventurous, and fun things you can do. Take the first step and join us in your new life.

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