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Gabe Scotti (completed Divemaster & Assistant Instructor with Andrew)

When choosing a mentor for my Divemaster and AI Courses I couldn't think of anyone more qualified than Andrew. His approach to diving was evident through his firm grasp on both the serious and fun elements of scuba diving. I had the pleasure to learn most of my academics and inwater skills from him and can honestly think of no better role model. Click here to read more...

On many occasions since, I have looked back on the training I received from Andrew and feel that his patience, professionalism and ability to work with any skill level put him light years beyond other dive professionals.

I find myself weaving his words and philosophies on diving into my daily routine as the owner and lead instructor here at Kaimana Divers here in Honolulu. I owe my passion for the ocean to Andrew and can think of no better Dive Sensei to take a course from.

Gabe Scotti
Open Water Scuba Instructor
Owner of Kaimana Divers, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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Drew Dronsfield (completed Divemaster & Assistant Instructor with Andrew)

Andrew was my mentor for the PADI Divemaster program. Initially, I chose him because he was taller than me, had a cool beard, and all the female instructors were busy. I had no intention of ever using my DM certification for anything. Diving in Honduras for a month was reason enough.

Then I assisted on some courses that Andrew was teaching. He taught people who were terrified by water, fish, boats, sharks, sand, sun, air, wetsuits. And by the end of their training they enjoyed it, were good divers. Click here to read more...

I never wanted to be a teacher, I just love diving. But I saw Andrew take people from fear to fun and I got hooked. He showed me that I could help other people experience the ocean the way I do. It seemed like a pretty good thing to dedicate my life to.

I stayed in Honduras six months longer than planned. I got my Assistant Instructor certification thanks to Andrew's infinite patience teaching me not only physics but basic math. This was invaluable to me later as a technical diving instructor.

The skills I learned from Andrew have led me around the world, and let me get paid for doing something I love.

Drew Dronsfield
Open Water Scuba Instructor / Technical Diving Instructor / Ginger Ninja
Kaimana Divers, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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Ika Weiss (completed Divemaster with Andrew)

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew during my Dive Master training in Utila (Honduras) and assist Andrew on many courses (from open water courses to rescue courses). Andrew was my mentor and confidant in all the theoretical subjects involved in diving. He created extra practical experiences and lessons in subjects I felt that I simply did not understand (and would never understand) by reading about. Click here to read more...

He creatively constructed new training exercises, and personally customized to my strengths and weaknesses the practical experience required for a good DM, for both technical and theoretical dive master issues, as well as diver management and assisting divers in stress.

But, most importunately Andrew nurtured my love of the sea, and my enjoyment in diving, every dive and skill session with Andrew felt like I was going to a secret, thrilling underwater party. He was the best dive master mentor I could have asked for.

Ika Weiss
Tel Aviv, Israel

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Stefan Mair (completed IDC with Andrew staffing)

About me, I'm 27 years old, i was born in Italy and graduated from tourism management school. After working 5 years as a chef around the world I did my Open Water course in Australia in the Great Barrier Reef. That opend a totally new world for me, one without gravity and full of colorfull corals, sharks and strange looking fish. I was really fascinated of that amazing world, i became friend with the divemaster, and after some time I saw that I wanna do the same - dive beautifull places and get paid for it. Click here to read more...

After Australia I went to the Gili Islands where i did in 4 months my Divemaster course. After that I went to Thailand to do my IDC at Buddha View, where I met Andrew, who was helping me a lot with Physics. Thx for your time and patience Andrew !!!! He spent a lot of time helping me out and he is a really cool guy with shitloads of patience. After completing my IDC I went do Mexico and did a cave diving course, now I work since 5 months on the Maldives, enjoy teaching and guiding and giving my passion to other people. Here I dive with Sharks, Napoleons and Eaglerays evry day and Mantas and Whalesharks are common to.

Stefan Mair
Open Water Scuba Instructor

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